Rolling in the Deep, Livvey 10

Like many elementary schools, Livvey’s school puts on an annual talent show to give the students an opportunity to display their talents in front of their friends and family while helping to raise money for the school’s PTA.  I think it is a great thing to encourage kids to participate in events like this whenever possible for all the wonderful things it can do for a child’s self confidence, given that they have support from family, friends or mentors in preparing for their act so that they can step onto the stage feeling prepared, and that the school and families have created a safe and nurturing environment in which the kids feel they can perform without peer criticism.

This was the third year that Livvey participated in the talent show and this year, she decided she would do a solo act.  She would sing an Adele song that she has been singing around the house for months, Rolling In The Deep.  Under no circumstances, would I have considered doing such a thing at her age, or been able to pull it off, but I can tell you know I wish I had.  The experience did so much for Livvey’s self esteem.

I believe because of the popularity of shows like America Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, and all the other popular talent shows these days, the number of applications in this year’s talent show was twice what it was last year. In fact, there were eight girls that wanted to sing Rolling in the Deep, a testament to Adele’s popularity.  In the end, Livvey and one other talented girl were allowed to sing it, because they both got their applications in on the same day and before all the others.

I am very proud of the job Livvey and all the kids did.  They were just amazing.  The acts ranged all over the board.  Of course many of the kids sang and danced, played piano and guitar, told jokes, one girl even recited The Gettysburg Address, all with cool confidence on stage, or so it appeared.  Apparently, according to Livvey, the real drama was back stage. Kids were crying, shaking, throwing up and hyperventilating.  There was such a big disconnect with how they acted on stage and with how they acted behind stage that it almost seemed fabricated and I had to wonder what was really going on.  Where the kids acting out the drama that they thought was suppose to happen based on all the reality tv shows they watch or were they feeling so much pressure to be great based on watching the drama on shows like American Idol, or was it just normal jitters of kids not used to performing?  Adult are expected to perform so much in business life, running meetings, giving talks etc. that I think any time we can encourage our children to get up in front of an audience can be a valuable learning experience.  I just wish that kids could get a more balanced message that a single performance doesn’t mean everything and it is alright to error, be human.  My wish for all kids is that they can learn to be comfortable with who they are, embracing all of their silly little quarks that we adults find so endearing.

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Salmon Recipe with Pomegranate Salsa and Wild Rice

A facebook friend who noticed some of the cooking videos that we have been posting to our youtube channel sent us a link to a contest that Uncle Ben’s Rice is putting on.  The challenge is for you and your child to make a healthy recipe together using Uncle Ben’s Rice.  The prizes for winning this contest are pretty amazing, $20,000 in cash, a $50,000 make-over for your child’s school cafeteria and a trip to New York where the four finalist will appear on the Rachel Ray show!  Pretty cool indeed.  Livvey and I  missed out on a trip  to go on a trip to New York a couple of years ago when our dog was invited to participate in an infomercial for a dog bed sponsored by Montel Williams.  We were all set to go when flights were canceled and roads were closed due to a big storm.  To make a long story short, the producers lost a chance to rebook our tickets and the tickets were wasted.  They ended up using local talent instead.  Livvey has been dieing to go to New York ever since and was pining away this year while watching the ball drop in Time Square.  But, we have a much bigger reason for wanting to win this contest than the much needed money and desired trip.

Livvey and I have a goal of helping turn around childhood and adult obesity in this country by inspiring families to cook together and make better choices about the food and products they put into their bodies.  That is the reason that we have started posting our cooking recipe videos and one of the main reasons we are passionate about this new blog.

We made our first attempt at creating our video for the contest over the weekend.  We are not going to submit this video because we feel there are a lot of problems with it in terms of quality and content that we are working at improving, but we loved the recipe and enjoyed eating it and think we will use the same recipe when we make the video again.  We would like to share this video with you now and encourage you to give us your feedback.  Try not to be too mean, we are both a little sensitive, but would like your constructive feedback.

Please check out the video and let us know what you think.  Thanks

This recipe is absolutely amazing! We first had the dish at a dinner party and it was one of those recipes that we couldn’t wait to make. Livvey doesn’t usually like salmon but the fresh pomegranate and spicy jalapeno flavor make this recipe burst with flavor. Best of all this recipe is easy enough for you, or a ten year old to make in less than 30 minutes and is a complete meal.

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