Salmon Recipe with Pomegranate Salsa and Wild Rice

A facebook friend who noticed some of the cooking videos that we have been posting to our youtube channel sent us a link to a contest that Uncle Ben’s Rice is putting on.  The challenge is for you and your child to make a healthy recipe together using Uncle Ben’s Rice.  The prizes for winning this contest are pretty amazing, $20,000 in cash, a $50,000 make-over for your child’s school cafeteria and a trip to New York where the four finalist will appear on the Rachel Ray show!  Pretty cool indeed.  Livvey and I  missed out on a trip  to go on a trip to New York a couple of years ago when our dog was invited to participate in an infomercial for a dog bed sponsored by Montel Williams.  We were all set to go when flights were canceled and roads were closed due to a big storm.  To make a long story short, the producers lost a chance to rebook our tickets and the tickets were wasted.  They ended up using local talent instead.  Livvey has been dieing to go to New York ever since and was pining away this year while watching the ball drop in Time Square.  But, we have a much bigger reason for wanting to win this contest than the much needed money and desired trip.

Livvey and I have a goal of helping turn around childhood and adult obesity in this country by inspiring families to cook together and make better choices about the food and products they put into their bodies.  That is the reason that we have started posting our cooking recipe videos and one of the main reasons we are passionate about this new blog.

We made our first attempt at creating our video for the contest over the weekend.  We are not going to submit this video because we feel there are a lot of problems with it in terms of quality and content that we are working at improving, but we loved the recipe and enjoyed eating it and think we will use the same recipe when we make the video again.  We would like to share this video with you now and encourage you to give us your feedback.  Try not to be too mean, we are both a little sensitive, but would like your constructive feedback.

Please check out the video and let us know what you think.  Thanks

This recipe is absolutely amazing! We first had the dish at a dinner party and it was one of those recipes that we couldn’t wait to make. Livvey doesn’t usually like salmon but the fresh pomegranate and spicy jalapeno flavor make this recipe burst with flavor. Best of all this recipe is easy enough for you, or a ten year old to make in less than 30 minutes and is a complete meal.


Emirl Lagasse’s Last Supper

Emirl Lagasse has revealed his wish for his last meal on earth,

What would be your last meal on Earth?

“I would have to have a menu with pasta.  I would have to have truffles.  I would have to have dry aged meat.  I would have to have game birds.  I would not regret eating a whole piece of banana cream pie.”,

but will it come sooner than he thinks.

I love Emirl and started watching his cooking shows 20 years ago.  He was the first chef since Julia Childs that caught my attention with his charisma in the kitchen.  Having said that, over the years I have watched less and less Emirl as my cooking and eating styles have changed.  No more can I indulge in the rich sauces, fatty meats and heavy creams that make up much of the “Bam!” cooking style of Emirl.  My body just can’t handle it and neither can his.  We have a good record of his physical appearance over the last 20 years with the archives of all of his cooking show.  The pictures show how his cooking and eating habits have served his health and I have to say, “I don’t think he is doing so well.”  He looks tired, puffy, overweight and sounds short of breath.  Yes we all age but these do not have to be normal aging symptoms.  Like Paula Deen and her recent admission to Type 2 diabetes, Emirl is probably suffering from cardiovascular disease and other ailments caused by poor diet.  It is sad to think that the very thing that he has built his life around will probably be the thing that ultimately kills him.  The good news is, it is never to late to make positive change in your diet.  In cases where the damage one has done to their body is advanced, a more radical diet change would of course be necessary to see significant improvement, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if a high profile chef like Emirl Lagasse made dramatic change to the way he cooked and ate and then shared it with the world…  before it is too late.

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