Westminster Dog Shows Proves to Be Entertaining

I forgot how exciting it was to watch the Westminster Dog show. I caught the end of it last night with my daughter after Valentine’s Day celebrations, and for dog lovers it is really a kick to watch. Of course I have my favorite breeds that always stand out, I am a big fan of the working group and the Doberman Pincher, FiFi was my pick for this year. They are such regal animals and she was an absolutely amazing example. It is fun to discover also the dogs that awe or steal my heart away that I wouldn’t expect, this year it was the Irish Setter, working mom of 15 puppies for the hound group. The winner of course was however a Pekingese, ok not my favorite dog, looked to me a little bit like a dust mop with legs and a Furby head, but hey what dog isn’t cute! Please remember to support your local shelters, by always adopting first and donating time and supplies to our furry friends in need. The love you give to an animal with always be given back to you ten fold, no 100 fold!


When Livvey gets home from school we will be watching the final round together as shown on the link above and giving you our reactions in a video blog.  Teaching your children to love and respect animals is extremely important and big commercial events like this, as obnoxious as they are on many level can help remind us to love and pay more attention to all of our pets, those that live with us and those that need good homes.


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