Shopping Hauler Girl Livvey Hits Sale at H & M

One of the great things that have come out of this horrible economy for both me and my ten year old daughter Livvey is to value money a lot more than we used to and watch very carefully how we spend it.  Naturally I have become friends with a lot of my daughter’s friends and their parents and because we live in an affluent area, many of these families are used to very nice things but have had to cut back because of the economy.  I hear the complaints from the parents occasionally about how tight their budgets have become and how their kids just don’t seem to get it.  I also witness how some of these kids relate to price tags on items they want and often times the price tag for them simple seems to be just a measure of the amount of effort they will have to put into manipulating their parents into buying the item for them.  Sad, but true.  There seems to be a very large disconnect with what the price tag really means and what has to be given up in order to take home the item.

I believe it is important to shield my child from much of my adult stresses I experience in life.  After all, she has enough stresses of her own.  Growing up is challenging enough, but I don’t believe it is healthy for her development to shield her from everything I am experiencing and why I have to make the choices that I have to make.  It seems to me that a much better strategy is to have open communication about the challenges I face and discuss positive things we can do to overcome them.  Therefore I have open communications with my daughter about how much money is coming into our household and some of the necessary expenditures that we face each month.  Because of this Livvey has gained a much more mature attitude towards money and is very good at self regulating her expenditures, in fact, often she even will keep me in check.  She has stopped me in a store on several occasions and asked me, “Mom, I know you want that, but do you really need it.  It’s kind of expensive and I don’t think it is really important.”  Wow, reality check from my ten year old.

Having said all this, I am proud to allow my daughter to put up a hauling video on our youtube channel so that Livvey can share some of the great bargains she has found with her hard earned and saved money.  She gets so excited when she finds a bargain.


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