Livin’ Like Livvey Blog Mission

This is Melissa, Livvey’s mom and my mission with helping my ten year old daughter start a blog has it’s roots in my desire to be a good mother.  I have always felt that some of the greatest gifts I could give my daughter and only child, are a desire to learn and be inquisitive, a desire to take care of her mind and body, good communications skills and all the love and attention I can provide her.  These may seem like simple desires that most parents would want for their children but it turns out that these things don’t come automatically without some hard work in today’s society.  There are many things that my child is exposed to everyday that work against my goals, tv, the internet, video games, junk food, commercials, peer influence, bullies etc.  So instead of leaving it up to a hope and a wish I decided from the moment I saw her to be proactive in all these categories and help lay the ground work for her success.

This blog not only gives me the opportunity to talk about what we are doing at home to instill positive habits and lifestyle choices in our life but for her to learn communications skills and how to express her viewpoints about what she is learning and going through.

We plan to share with you what we have learned from countless friends, associates, professionals, kids and parents about living healthy and how implementing their advice into our lives has affected us and influenced others.  We plan to continue to post a lot of videos on Youtube to help encourage others to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, but also more interviews of people we respect that are Livin Like Livvey.  So please, stay tuned and let us know how we are doing, we love the feedback.


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  1. Jean-François
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 15:26:52

    That’s as good a reason to blog as I’ve seen, and you guys are doing a great job so far.


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