Emirl Lagasse’s Last Supper

Emirl Lagasse has revealed his wish for his last meal on earth,

What would be your last meal on Earth?

“I would have to have a menu with pasta.  I would have to have truffles.  I would have to have dry aged meat.  I would have to have game birds.  I would not regret eating a whole piece of banana cream pie.”,

but will it come sooner than he thinks.

I love Emirl and started watching his cooking shows 20 years ago.  He was the first chef since Julia Childs that caught my attention with his charisma in the kitchen.  Having said that, over the years I have watched less and less Emirl as my cooking and eating styles have changed.  No more can I indulge in the rich sauces, fatty meats and heavy creams that make up much of the “Bam!” cooking style of Emirl.  My body just can’t handle it and neither can his.  We have a good record of his physical appearance over the last 20 years with the archives of all of his cooking show.  The pictures show how his cooking and eating habits have served his health and I have to say, “I don’t think he is doing so well.”  He looks tired, puffy, overweight and sounds short of breath.  Yes we all age but these do not have to be normal aging symptoms.  Like Paula Deen and her recent admission to Type 2 diabetes, Emirl is probably suffering from cardiovascular disease and other ailments caused by poor diet.  It is sad to think that the very thing that he has built his life around will probably be the thing that ultimately kills him.  The good news is, it is never to late to make positive change in your diet.  In cases where the damage one has done to their body is advanced, a more radical diet change would of course be necessary to see significant improvement, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if a high profile chef like Emirl Lagasse made dramatic change to the way he cooked and ate and then shared it with the world…  before it is too late.


Kale Chip Recipe for Paula Deen

Paula Deen just announced she has Type 2 Diabetes. Livvey thinks you and Paula Deen should eat more Kale and is sharing her recipe for a healthy alternative to potato chips. Kale chips are easy to make and bake and fun to eat. You can add pesto or Parmesan cheese to your kale or just bake it with a little salt and olive oil.  Kale chips taste great and kids will love them.  Your host Livvey is lways funny, always cute and always healthy and informative, watch this recipe then try making them at home, they are great and your kids will love love!

Chia Seeds for Health and Weight Loss

In a recent visit to Mother’s Market, I got into a conversation with a nice elderly woman who was buying chia seeds.  She said she had recently heard about amazing health benefits of chia and that when cooked they kind of have a tapioca consistency.  On a whim I through a bag in my cart and decided to give them a try.  When I arrived home Olivia immediately spotted the new find and wondered if we were going to be growing a chia pet as show on tv.  I explained to her, “No, these were for eating, I heard they were good for us and I thought we would give them a try”.  Livvey being always tenacious immediately looked up on the internet the proper techniques for growing chia seeds.  She returned with the idea that they needed to be soaked in water for a few days and then they would sprout.  This experiment went on for about 10 days at which point the now slimy and unsprouted chia seeds made their way into our garbage disposal.

However, our chia seeds did make it into this mornings bowl of steal cut oats with delicious delight.  I added two teaspoons full along with the oats and prepared as usual.  They added a slightly different texture to our oatmeal with a tapioca pop that was quite pleasant.  My thus far limited research on the benefits of eating chia seeds has uncovered the claims that they are a:

  • Highest plant-based source of omega 3
  • Rich in dietary fiber and protein
  • Doesn’t carry the health concerns of flax seeds
  • Naturally gluten-free

Another interested find was that they can help promote weight loss in a very natural and healthy way.  Great News!  Simply add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to a bottle of water and drink 15 minutes before meals.   The chias absorb water and will give you a full feeling in your stomach helping you to not overeat during your meal while also providing you with some great nutrition.  You can also use the chia water as a drink in between meals to help curb your snack cravings.

As I am aging I have been beginning to acquire some unwanted weight and so I am going to give this a try by doing it twice a day for the next 30 days.  I know weight about 130 pounds and feel and look my best around 110 pounds. (Ya I know that is a lot of extra flab that needs to go.)  So I will let you know how it goes, I must say though that this experiment is not going to be the only change I will be making in my diet.  I also plan on cutting wheat out of my diet because I am very allergic to it, and cutting back on the animal products I consume including dairy and poultry.  I already do not consume red meat.  The elimination of wheat is going to be a tough one for me but maybe my chia seeds will help my cravings.


Livin’ Like Livvey Blog Mission

This is Melissa, Livvey’s mom and my mission with helping my ten year old daughter start a blog has it’s roots in my desire to be a good mother.  I have always felt that some of the greatest gifts I could give my daughter and only child, are a desire to learn and be inquisitive, a desire to take care of her mind and body, good communications skills and all the love and attention I can provide her.  These may seem like simple desires that most parents would want for their children but it turns out that these things don’t come automatically without some hard work in today’s society.  There are many things that my child is exposed to everyday that work against my goals, tv, the internet, video games, junk food, commercials, peer influence, bullies etc.  So instead of leaving it up to a hope and a wish I decided from the moment I saw her to be proactive in all these categories and help lay the ground work for her success.

This blog not only gives me the opportunity to talk about what we are doing at home to instill positive habits and lifestyle choices in our life but for her to learn communications skills and how to express her viewpoints about what she is learning and going through.

We plan to share with you what we have learned from countless friends, associates, professionals, kids and parents about living healthy and how implementing their advice into our lives has affected us and influenced others.  We plan to continue to post a lot of videos on Youtube to help encourage others to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, but also more interviews of people we respect that are Livin Like Livvey.  So please, stay tuned and let us know how we are doing, we love the feedback.

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